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Displaced Student Opportunities UK is a comprehensive source of information about accessing higher education for people who are displaced in the UK. Universities, charities, and other organisations add information about opportunities that they offer, which are then checked by a moderator. We have also collected guidance to help you on your journey to university on our Resources page.

What type of opportunities can you find here?

This website is for anyone in the UK who is displaced and wants to attend higher education. We use the term ‘displaced’ to refer to anyone who is seeking sanctuary in the UK. You might identify as a refugee, be seeking asylum, or have come to the UK through a resettlement scheme. You can see a full list of the most common immigration statuses covered by Displaced Student Opportunities UK in the filters on the home page.

Higher education refers to any university-level study in the UK. This includes foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The opportunities listed on this website support people to access higher education, so they are focused on providing the financial and academic support people need to attend university.


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University scholarships

Scholarships offered by universities to support you to complete a full degree. These scholarships may cover foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate level study, so you’ll need to check the details of each individual opportunity. They also offer different types of support, including fee waivers, accommodation, bursaries, and study costs.

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English language course

Free courses to help you to improve your English before attending university. Some English courses are ‘pre-sessional’, meaning that you complete them over the summer before starting a course at university. Others are short courses you can complete at different times of the year, or online courses you can complete at your own pace.

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Small grant

Funding to support educational costs. Each grant offers different amounts of money and has a different application process, so check the opportunity for details. Grants usually do not need to be paid back.

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Preparation for university

Courses to give you the tools you need to succeed at university, such as language skills, study skills, or subject knowledge.

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Universities and organisations may offer other types of support to help you on your journey to university or while studying. If so, we’ll list them under ‘Other’.

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