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Type of opportunity

Preparation for university, Other Types

Closed for 2024
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About this opportunity

Are you interested in pursuing a master’s or PhD degree at University of Oxford and other institutions worldwide for courses beginning September/October 2024? Would you like to receive 1:1 mentorship as you put together your application materials? Do you want to join workshops and information sessions to improve your applications and learn more about fully-funded scholarships? Apply to join Graduate Horizons to get support on applications to Oxford and other universities across the globe!

Oxford’s Refugee-Led Research Hub (RLRH) is launching Graduate Horizons, a global application support programme for prospective students who have been affected by forced displacement, e.g., as refugees, asylum seekers, IDPs, and stateless, among other categories. The programme is designed for students who are interested in submitting applications for master’s or PhD programmes that begin in 2024 at the University of Oxford and at other universities. Does this sound like a good fit for you? Fill out this application form to attend application support workshops and be matched with a mentor!
If you are selected to join Graduate Horizons and receive mentorship, you will receive individual support from a current graduate student or alumni of Oxford who will:
  1. Discuss available courses and the application process for different graduate degrees at Oxford and elsewhere;
  2. Help you navigate processes for different scholarships that you might be eligible for;
  3. Provide feedback on the documents you prepare for submission to graduate degrees and/or scholarship applications.
As part of the programme, you will participate in a series of workshops that focus on helping you choose a university and degree, writing a strong personal statement, and drafting your CV, among other topics. You will also attend information sessions to learn more about programmes and fully funded scholarships available across different universities in the UK, Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere in the world. The workshops and information sessions will take place in October-November 2023.

Level of Study

  • Foundation
  • Pre-university
  • Other Levels

Other levels of study

OGASS is an application support programme for individuals who are interested in pursuing postgraduate degrees (e.g., Masters and PhDs)

Other levels of study

Graduate Horizons intends to serve as a bridge from Bachelor’s degree, into Master’s or doctoral degrees.


Asylum seeker, Refugee status, Humanitarian protection, Temporary refugee permission, Limited or Discretionary Leave to Remain (private/family life), Indefinite Leave to Remain, Ukraine schemes, British National (Overseas), Other forms of sanctuary (including Calais Leave, Section 67 Leave, UASC leave and Stateless Leave), Other

Other eligibility criteria

Anyone who self-identifies as having been affected by forced displacement is invited to apply for Graduate Horizons.

Additional notes about eligibility criteria

In order to join this programme, applicants must:

  1. Have lived experience of forced displacement (e.g., as a current/former refugee, asylum seeker, IDP, stateless person, or another category);
  2. Have completed a BA degree in any field with a strong result (usually equivalent to at least a 2:1, or a 3.5+ GPA). Note: most support is available for candidates in the Social Sciences and Humanities, e.g., in International Relations, International Development, Politics, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Law, Literature, etc.;
  3. Be able to carry out research in English;
  4. Plan to submit an application to a graduate programme that will begin in the 2024-2025 academic year.
  5. Fill in all parts of the application form, adhering to all instructions provided.

We aim to create an inclusive learning environment that is rich in diversity. We strongly encourage applications from individuals in social groups that are under-represented in this space, including, but not limited to LGBTQI+, gender non-conforming, women, and disabled candidates.

What is included in this opportunity?

  • Application support and advice
  • Other (see below)

Additional notes about support provided

The RLRH team will facilitate all aspects of the programme. They will be available during live weekly sessions to guide prospective students through the application process, and they will also be available over Whatsapp, email, and during office hours to support learners. Participants will also be matched with a mentor who is a current student or alumni of the University of Oxford. Meetings will be held with mentors on a regular basis to discuss applicants’ goals and associated opportunities, and to review application materials.

Types of study available

  • Online
  • Other
  • Face-to-face

Other types of study

Graduate Horizons intends to serve as a bridge from Bachelor’s degree, into Master’s or doctoral degrees.

Additional information about the types of study

Graduate Horizons is available to applicants globally. If you are based in or around RLRH or RSC offices (in Oxford, UK and Nairobi, Kenya) you are invited to use our in-person resources and attend academic and social events.

Additional details about application process

To apply for this opportunity, you will have to fill out this online form. The form may take 1–2 hours to complete.

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