ReConnect to Education – Preparation for Higher Education Programme, Spring 2024



Type of opportunity

Preparation for university

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ReConnect in partnership with UCL Institute of Education

About this opportunity

Key aims of the programme

To prepare for higher education at UCL and other higher education institutions, including Teacher Training (PGCE)  programmes

The programme consists of a Module, which will include an introduction to

  1. Critical Reading, Academic Writing and Academic Presentation in Higher Education
  2. Active, interactive and interpretive modes of learning, collaborative discussion, writing, and presentation making use of:
    • virtual learning environments – Moodle and associated applications
    • computer labs for developing familiarity with PowerPoint (or similar applications)
    • electronic journal articles and books via online resources accessible through the UCL library
  3. Intercultural learning and understanding, and the British education system

Module structure, dates, and venue

The Module will run over 10 weeks/ sessions; each session will be 3 hours

Dates:  Tuesday’s afternoon, 2pm to 5pm, 3 October to 12 December 2023
(Includes an induction session)


Level of Study

  • Other Levels

Other levels of study

A short non- accredited course


Asylum seeker, Refugee status, Humanitarian protection, Temporary refugee permission, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Ukraine schemes, Other

Other eligibility criteria

British national with refugee background

Additional notes about eligibility criteria

Eligibility – prospective applicants should be able to show evidence that they: 

  • have a recognised academic qualification enabling you to enter higher education – the equivalence of a Level 3 qualification is required
  • can speak and write an appropriate level of English
  • are a highly motivated person committed to making good use of this opportunity

What is included in this opportunity?

  • Other (see below)

Other support provided

Fees and travel allowances provided

Additional notes about support provided

Students will have a normal student ID card while registered for the programme, giving access to most UCL facilities including the library, computer workspaces, a UCL email address and electronic resources

Types of study available

  • Face-to-face

Other types of study

A short non- accredited course

Additional details about application process

Applicants will be prioritised on first come first served basis, if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the attached flyer. Applicants must complete an application form

Number of places available


Is this opportunity available for individuals outside of the UK?


On-going opportunity


For further questions contact Theodros Abraham

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