About Us

This website is jointly hosted by three organisations: Refugee Education UK, Student Action for Refugees, and Universities of Sanctuary.

Refugee Education UK (REUK)

REUK equips young refugees to build positive futures by thriving in education. If you need advice and guidance about getting into university please contact us here.

Student Action for Refugees (STAR)

Student Action for Refugees (STAR) is the national network of students building a more understanding society where refugees are welcomed. If you want to get involved in campaigning, connect with other students, or find out more about scholarships, get in touch with STAR here.

Universities of Sanctuary (UoS)

Universities of Sanctuary is a national network and initiative of City of Sanctuary UK, it brings together universities that are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming culture for people seeking asylum and refugees. If you are a university or a student interested in finding out how your university can become more welcoming, contact us here.