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Student Action for Refugees (STAR)

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The Equal Access Network is an open, interactive and friendly forum where students from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds in the UK can connect and learn from each other’s experiences of higher education.

We want to build a sense of community, value and empowerment. The network is supported by STAR (Student Action for Refugees) and led by STAR Equal Access Activists who have experience of accessing university while claiming asylum or with a temporary immigration status.

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Networking opportunity for refugees and people seeking asylum.


Asylum seeker, Refugee status, Humanitarian protection, Temporary refugee permission, Limited or Discretionary Leave to Remain (private/family life), Indefinite Leave to Remain, Ukraine schemes, Other forms of sanctuary (including Calais Leave, Section 67 Leave, UASC leave and Stateless Leave)

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We want to build a sense of community, value and empowerment.

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If you’d like to join the Facebook group but are concerned about protecting your identity, we recommend that you set your Facebook profile to private. Your public profile should only contain information that you are willing to share with others. Read the full Facebook group guidelines here.

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